"Teacher Trouble" by Dianne Swenson.

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"Teacher Trouble"

Hot Shot

By: Dianne Swenson


"Hot Shot" is a story about a boy named Rusty who lives in a reform school and who is well known as being a 'trouble-maker.' The only person who Rusty seems to listen to at all is his teacher Miss Cavelli. After Rusty gets in trouble in class, Miss Cavelli suggests to him that she help him become the 'hot shot' that she knew he was trying to be. She explained to him that if he was a real hot shot, rather than a show-off, that people would like him and look up to him. After thinking about what Miss Cavelli said all night long, Rusty decided to ask her about her plan. She told him that since he was a whiz in math, and since there were many children in the other class that needed help and guidance, that he should be their student teacher and help them with their math.

Rusty really liked this idea and seemed very excited to get started.


I really liked the story "Hot Shot" and think that a lot of kids can relate to it. I think that Miss Cavelli was a great character and also a great teacher. I also thought that it was great how she was finally able to get through to Rusty when no one else could, and help him to want to do more with his life.


Book: "Teacher Trouble"

Story: Hot Shot

Author: Dianne Swenson

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

1. After the students read the story "Hot Shot" from their book Teacher Trouble, they will get into pairs and discuss what they have read.

2. Then as a class we will discuss the story and the students will orally go over what they think the moral...