How Teachers are a Positive Influence on Students. written from two different passages.

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Teachers have always been a excellent influence on students. Teachers also teach students how to be a good influence on other students as well. Teachers teach students how to respect and accept others for who they are not by their race or nationality. Having good teachers determines your education that you will need for the years to come. Passage I, by Ernesto Gallorzo and "Tornado Drill" by David Martin show how teachers positively influence the lives of students as revealed through the authors' use of dialogue, theme, and figurative language.

In Passage I, Ernesto uses dialogue to reveal the positive influence of teachers on students. For example, Ernesto's teacher announced to the class, "Ernesto has learned to pronounce butterfly." This expresses that teachers show a positive influence on students because by announcing that Ernesto can pronounce butterfly shows that his teacher and students are very proud of him and it encourages him to do better.

A second reason that teachers are a excellent influence on students is because Ernesto states, "The main reason I was graduated with honors from the first grade was that I had fallen in love with Miss. Ryan." This demonstrates that teachers have a special relationship with their students that allow them to cope with one another. Ernesto uses dialogue to prove the fact that teachers are a positive influence on students.

Ernesto Gallorzo also uses the theme of acceptance to show that teachers have a positive influence on students. For example, Passage I is about teachers teaching their students the English heritage but also teaching them not to forget where they are from. In Passage I it states "Miss Hopley and her teachers never let us forget why we were at Lincoln: for those who were alien. To become good Americans ;...