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Teaching Writing written by Csákiné Nagymáté Enikő csakienci@freemail.hu

We can distinguish two main types of skills, productive and receptive skills. Reading and listening belong to the category so called receptive skills. These skills are ways in which we extract meaning from discourse we see or hear.

Reading used to be seen and taught as a passive activity. However, based on the modern methodology, we can state that it is not enough to receive information and messages. Readers are also activated and they participate in the process of understanding and interpreting the meaning of the text to become efficient readers.

In order to clarify how to teach reading, we should take into consideration that reading is an active mental activity in which eyes and brain cooperate. Eyes receive input while brain decodes the input and turns it into meaning.

These days it is required that reading a text, we need to be very active, and we need to think all the time.

According to Alderson and Cseresznyés, "They [readers] are selecting and interpreting information according to the reasons they have for reading the text." (Alderson, J. C. & M. Cseresnyés 2003:19)

Why do we teach reading? It is very important to get students to read. They should be able to read English texts for study or for pleasure. In this way, they make an opportunity of studying vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, spelling, and punctuation as well. A well-selected text can also stimulate discussion, develops imaginative responses, and it can be a base of an interesting lesson. (Harmer 1998)

According to Hedge, reading is an interactive process. Texts are in relationship with readers as readers try to find the sense of them. Reading is an active process that inevitably combines information from the text and readers' knowledge they brought with them. "It can...