Team Personalities according to Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs Typology

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What is a personality type? In psychology, "personality type refers to the psychological classification of different types of people" (Webster dictionary). Personality types are different from personality traits, there are many different types of personalities, and when different personalities unite in the pursuit of a common goal, the traits may be congruent and balanced, or troublesome and disorganized. Understanding the different personality types can help a group or team balance its assortment of unique temperaments and talents. The different personality types may also help explain why and how individual group members might react to specific suggestions and circumstances. When understanding ones personality type you can identify their traits, strengths and weaknesses and their professional work dynamics. You can also get an idea of how their group interaction might be measured as well as what their levels of group participation, leadership, and motivational skills in regard to the class assignments. In this paper we will look into four team members' personality assessments that were recently taken.

It is important to have different personalities when working in teams or groups.

According to a CPP, Inc (Consulting Psychologists Press). Released publication in the PR Newswire, the Myers-Briggs assessments contain information working teams can use to incorporate team effectiveness and productivity. The MBTI and other similar tools can be useful in a few ways. One is it can summarize or articulate parts of your work style in a way that you had not articulated before, to help you seek an environment that suits you. It can also help the people in an organization recognize and respect the various working styles of its members.

But it doesn't do a lot of things which might be more important. As a career planning tool, it doesn't help you figure out what subjects you are most interested in,