"Technological Advancements During World War I"

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"Technology always rises to the needs of a given time period." During World War I, technology was advanced for it's time. When the War ended, a Second World War soon began. This started a new wave of technology, which became the main focus of the war. More reliable weapons, transportation, and equipment were produced during this wave. Many of the most important weapons and advancements of World War II had previously appeared in World War I. These advancements could be seen mainly on the land. New technology was also apparent in the skies. The sea was a large area for advancements as well. Technology soon became very powerful and "irreversibly changed the way war was conducted" (World War II 7).

On land, many technological advancements were made during the course of World War II. Weaponry, transportation, chemicals, and other inventions were developed as the needs for them arose. The war drew scientists and technicians into an increasingly close relationship with the military (Cross 4).

During the short period of time between 1939 and 1945, technology increased at an incredibly fast rate.

Every participating country tried to invent stronger and more reliable weapons throughout the war, and inaccuracy proved to be a large problem. Since most of the weapons used were from World War I, they were outdated. This is the main reason that weapons technology was improved. Smaller weapons such as rifles and Sten guns could be carried and used by one man. Previous designs were notorious for breaking or getting jammed during battle. Technology allowed for newer weapons to be invented which had much faster reload times and were more reliable. These newer weapons were also cheaper to make, therefore mass amounts were made and distributed. The advanced designs could be easily taken apart for concealment. Shephard believed that...