Technology is a constantly growing and ever-changing field. Old forms of mass media are merging with newer ones to create more efficient communication channels than ever previously thought possible.

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Media Convergence

*What is "Media Convergence?"

"Media Convergence" refers to the merging of older forms of mass media with newer ones. This is usually made possible through advances in modern technologies such as the Internet and digital audio.

*How has Media Convergence affected industrial trends?

Industries, such as telephone and cable television, have been merging together in order to utilize new technologies more efficiently and exchange knowledge. This is known as "telematics" or "informatics".

*What effects has Media Convergence had on our lifestyles?

The lifestyle of the average person is constantly changing and adapting in order to incorporate various forms of converged media. A good example is the recent trend towards use of the Internet to do shopping and track finances, mostly out of convenience. Nonetheless, it's convergence.

*Have jobs and careers been affected by this concept of Media Convergence as well?

Yes, very much so! Entirely new jobs are being created and older ones now require new skills and training in order to complete.

This has had mixed effects, however.

*What kinds of products and services are examples of Media Convergence?

Interactive CD-ROMs, Books On Tape, Digital Audio (CDs, mp3s, wav files, etc...), and are all examples of products or services that have been a direct result of Media Convergence.

*How have regulations changed as a result of Media Convergence?

"The Telecommunications Act Of 1996" was a big step in spearheading Media Convergence to the forefront of society. It allowed for telephone, computer, and other industries to compete together for the first time. This Act also ensured freedom of speech on the Internet.

*Surely there must be disadvantages as a result of Media Convergence, right?

Of course disadvantages have resulted. While all of the protected freedoms...