Technology Versus Hapiness

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?I ate myself, then I threw myself up? These are the words from the popular song of one of the most popular teenage bands of Lithuania, expressing how today?s youth feels about the freedom of their lifestyle. Modern world is becoming more and more advanced, free, and global. Seems like, everything is easier with the help of advancing technology. Restrictions are limited, supply is intense; humans can have anything they want. This song expresses how difficult it is for people to find joy and excitement, how less and less possible it is to avoid boredom. Changes in today?s society and world?s technological achievements create a controversy of the concept of joy for the people of modern times.

Globalization and free trade, competition and capitalism distribute almost any good to every part of the world, which is very convenient. However, it eliminates the excitement of craving for something unattainable. Each of us knows the desire to get something that is out of our reach.

Let?s take Soviet Union, for example. Back in late 80?s bananas were one of the most expensive and rare fruits found in the stores of Russia and Lithuania. People were standing in longest lines to get it. It would have been the top Christmas present for the children of those times. Today, bananas are found in every store and in every corner. They lost the image of being so pressures. They value as of ?happiness deliverer? has dropped significantly, just because they are everywhere. It does not necessarily mean that people have to have fewer choices and more restrictions in order to start appreciating and enjoying something more, it only proves that today such immense supply of anything imaginable makes people lazy. We take things for granted forgetting or simply refusing to see pleasurable sides of...