Tecnological Override by Angela Meyer

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With the Internet and computer use becoming more and more popular in today's society the question arises of what this new age of technology will do to today's children and tomorrow's adults. Children lack the skills to obtain ethical practices, accountability and responsibility without help of adults in their lives. Computers play a big part in children's lives and they need to understand how computers and the Internet need to be handled with responsibility. Nearly 51 percent of American household's have one or more computers and 41 percent of American households having Internet access; computers are becoming an everyday activities for many American citizens . This computer technology is not only in our homes but also in every school in the country, with the national average 4.2 students per computer each and every student has had access to the wide world web . Future Educators must look to the future to try to understand wither they are over exposing their students to a technology that may damage the students social skills or psychological well being.

First, one must look at how children access the Internet and how they use it. Most parents in a Canadian study thought their children use it mostly for homework (66 percent), while students in that study rated it much lower (38 percent). Do parents really have idea what their children accessing online? Many parents seem to feel that they watch what their children are doing online (53 percent), but according to the students say that they mainly access the Internet alone (83 percent). In addition, seven out of ten students say their parents never sit with them while they are working online and half of the students say their parents never check what pages they have accessed while online. It seems that parents are...