Teddy Roosevelt achievements. Why he should go into Great Americans Hall of Fame

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Dear Great Americans Hall of Fame,

I think Teddy Roosevelt should be inducted into your program because he was one of the greatest presidents to ever live. His struggles for our country are still very noticeable today. Therefore Theodore Roosevelt should be inducted in The Great Americans Hall of Fame. Roosevelt should be inducted because he was such a productive environmentalist, he helped manage big, overpowering businesses, and he helped protect consumers.

Teddy Roosevelt was an extremely strong environmentalist. He had watched and loved nature since he was a young boy. Once Teddy was president his ultimate goal was to keep greedy private developers from turning beautiful land into houses or industries. In order to do this he; instead of attacking private developers he bought up land. Roosevelt also supported Gifford Pitchet, the head of the U.S. Forest service, which restricted lumber companies from over cutting. In Teddy's act of buying up land he put up some amazing numbers.

He added 150,000,00 acres to national forests, he established 5 new national parks, formed 51 national bird reservations, and made 4 national game preserves. Roosevelt also helped get water for people who needed it. At this time, the people who needed the water were southern farmers with dry land and Los Angeles people who were in need of drinking water. With this in mind, in 1902, Roosevelt passed a law called the "Newland Proclamation Act". This act required the government to spend money on irrigation systems for farmers and help others in need of water. The "Newland Proclamation act" helped many in need of drinking water and set up 25 irrigation systems for farmers with dry land.

Roosevelt also managed big, overpowering businesses. Big, overpowering businesses weren't favored because once a company overpowered its competitors it formed a monopoly. With a...