Television portrails of teenagers (positive and negative)

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Television portrays teenagers in many different ways. Some television shows portray teenagers in a negative way, and some in a positive way. If I were a viewer with no other knowledge of teenagers I would conclude from the shows that are on television that teenagers are loud, rude, obnoxious, and violent towards to society. Most shows exaggerate teenager's actions leading to a negative portrayal.

Some television shows portray teenagers in negative ways such as "That 70's Show or Malcome in the Middle". Teenagers are portrayed in such ways that is hard to believe. Through my eyes I can see that it portrays them in a negative way, but in a viewer with no other knowledge of teens eyes they would conclude teenagers to be loud, wild, and violent. Basically "That 70's Show" over exaggerates completely about teenagers. In some of the shows I watched there were five teenagers who were always up to no good running around getting into trouble.

In "Malcome in the Middle" there are three teenage boys who don't even think at all before they do stupid things. It's basically a joke watching the show the boys do stupid things then get yelled at from their mom. From television "Malcome in the Middle" teenagers are portrayed in a very negative way.

Shows that portray teenagers positively such as "7th Heaven" "Gilmore Girls" are more like teenagers in society today. The way television portrays teenagers in some shows are totally different then in other shows. Some shows make teens crazy some make them sweet little angels. In 7th Heaven there are four teenagers who are perfect and don't do stupid things. Teenagers aren't perfect from this show if you had no other knowledge of teenagers you would think they were more responsible and...