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Yasmin Garcia

Prof. Mullins

Health Care and Pubic Administration

29 September 2014

Immigrants and Health Care

Introduction: Immigrants Legal and non-legal do not have the same benefits as U.S. citizens. Immigrants work hard the same as U.S. citizens and should have the same rights in health care. More than half of U.S. immigrants do not have health insurance, the ones who do, it is due mostly to work related policies. Immigrants have the same health risks as any other person in the U.S. and with those health risks they should have the same easy access to help.


Health care providers: Immigrants often go to clinics and medical centers that mainly only take care of primary health issues. If there is a bigger problem how and where can immigrants get better service? How can they get the same beneficial services that U.S. citizens have. The better question is why they can not have the same services.

Language Barrier not just Spanish and English: the majority of immigrants are from Central and Latin America but there are also many others from different cultures.

Cost: Immigrants usually have to pay for their services because they do not have health insurance. If these services are major they obviously have a hard time paying their medical bills. If immigrants do not have the money they will simply not go and go on through with possible health problems. Without checking these problems can turn into very major illnesses and possibly lead to death.

Conclusion: Immigrants have to overcome many barriers in order to have a chance of getting health insurance. They have received some help from the government but only for specific situations. Immigrants have the same necessity as U.S. citizen to live a happier healthier life.