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The Texas Court System "Our legal system based on the principle that an independent, fair, and competent judiciary will interpret and apply the laws that govern us. The role of the judiciary is central to American concepts of justice and the rule of law."� -Preamble, Texas Code of Judicial Conduct The Texas Court System consists of many trial courts and appellate courts. The trial courts consisting of the municipal court, justice of the peace courts, county-level courts, and the district courts. The appellate courts consist of fourteen intermediate courts and two supreme courts. While we explain about the many types of courts the Texas court system has, there are two types of law that determines the appropriate court for a particular case, the civil or criminal. And go in depth about how judges are selected.

There are two types of law that are applicable in determining the appropriate court, the civil or criminal law.

The civil law exists to protect the rights and property and to hold individuals accountable for their actions. Civil lawsuits usually involve two private entities, at least one of which is attempting to recover damages or to correct a situation that the party perceives as being unfair. Among the most frequently civil cases are contract disputes, usually from those that arise from agreements between two or more individuals or corporations. Other civil cases may involve inheritances and divorces. The initiating civil court action is called the plaintiff, who brings a suit against the defendant. With few exceptions, anyone may file a civil lawsuit if the plaintiff believes that the defendant has caused some type of monetary, emotional, or physical harm.

Criminal law are law that focuses on regulating conduct and protecting society from wrongful or unlawful actions of individuals. Such examples of criminal acts are auto...