Theatre vs. Rentals-The Debate Goes On

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The countdown begins, "lights camera, action!" The credits are rolling, popcorn is popping, and the seats are filling. There's nothing better to do on a rainy day than watch a movie. Whether you watch that movie in a theatre or in the comfort of your home is up to you. In fact, there is a great debate about whether it is better to go to a theatre to see a movie or to stay at home and watch a rental. Let's examine the pros and cons of both, shall we?

The theatre is a great place to see the newest films, and it's the only place where you can watch the new releases. A theatre also has four to eight different movies playing so you can see more than one new movie there if you choose to. On the other hand, movie classics like The Sound Of Music and The Wizard of Oz can only be seen at home on video or DVD. You can only watch that movie in the theatre once, but at home you pay for the video and can watch it as many times as you want in the week you have it for. Also, a rental store has hundreds of movies to choose from; unlike the theatre that only has eight. The debate goes on.

Going to the theatre to watch a new movie is a fun thing to do with the family or date for entertainment. Theatres have the best sound, biggest screens, and who can resist the theatre popcorn? But, they also have the squeaky seats, the annoying crying children, and the inevitably tallest person in the theatre sitting right in front of you. At home, you can watch a movie laying on the couch and eating your own food -that you...