Theodore And Franklin Roosevelt

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Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt were two of the best presidents that ever took the oath of office. Since they both had Dutch ties, they had an aire of grit and strength about them. Both presidents were in office during some of the hardest times that America has been through, but their strength and determination led this country through those hard times and helped form a great nation.

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. was born on October 27, 1858, to a wealthy family in New York. His nickname was ?Teedie? during his childhood. Like Theodore, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was also born in New York to a prominent family. His birthday was on January 30, 1882. Theodore and Franklin were distant cousins. They were born approximately 24 years apart.

Theodore Roosevelt?s father was Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. and his mother was Martha Bulloch Roosevelt. Roosevelt, Sr. earned his money in the family glass importing business.

Theodore?s mother came from a wealthy family in Georgia. Like Theodore, Franklin?s family was wealthy. However, they had much more money and were in the social elite class. Franklin?s father was James Roosevelt. He was the vice-president of several corporations and owned hundreds of acres of farmland in New York. When James married Sara Delano, she brought a fortune to the family that he could never match. Sara?s family, who lived in Hong Kong, prospered trading with China. This is the reason that Sara brought a large sum of money to the family. Before he married Sara, he had been a widower. James was exactly twice Sara?s age when they were married.

Theodore had three brothers and sisters. He had an older sister named Anna, a younger brother named Elliott, and a younger sister named Corinne. All of the children were very close and were devoted to their parents. Their...