"There is every Reason to Believe that Resources can be Developed Sustainably". To What extent do you Agree with this Statement?

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A resource can be defined as a means of supplying a want/stock that can be drawn on/country's collective means for support and defence. A resource can be either renewable or non-renewable. A renewable resource is one which the use of will not deplete the Earth's supply of fossil fuels, whereas a non-renewable resource is a natural resource that cannot be re-made or re-grown. Oil, coal and natural gas, despite regenerating over time, do not reform at a rate which make them sustainable. Sustainable development is the process of land/urban areas that meets the needs of present day without compromising the needs of the future population. Many people believe that developing our resources sustainably is the key to ensuring that the increased population of the future will have enough resources to survive and maintain the current level of technological advance.

In the MEDW, sustainable development can be considered to be a success.

The success of sustainable development in MEDC's can be attributed to money. The methods employed by these richer nations usually cost fair amounts of money, and therefore, it is only MEDC's who can afford them. Renewable energy resources are being used more often in the MEDW and are increasing in popularity every year. They are generally better for the environment, and are not finite resources, as opposed to non-renewable energy resources which are. A prime example of this is wind power. Wind power produces enough energy with minimal damage to the environment. The only pollution produced by it is noise pollution, but seeing how the vast majority of wind farms are based in rural areas, that is not as bigger problem as it could be if they were situated in urban/residential areas. Not all methods of making development sustainable are excessively costly. Simple agricultural processes can suddenly create higher...