There I was waiting very nervously in the emergency room

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There I was waiting very nervously in the emergency room for my mother to come out of an arduous surgery. It all happened this afternoon when she suffered from something very horrifying. At last, Dr. Shah came out of the emergency room and notified us that my mother will survive. At that moment, I was so revealed my mother is going to survive, and amazed how the doctor managed to save my mother after the horrifying incident. From that day forward my dream was to become a surgeon.

After this incident with my mother I started believing that doctors are like god. Many doctors have given people another chance to live, which I am really glad for. My American Dream is to do the same. To achieve my dream in the future, I must first succeed my goals as of right now. One of my goals that I need to achieve is to graduate from high school and get offered a scholarship from a well-known university.

If this is achieved, next I must pay attention in the university and earn a masters degree.

By graduating from high school and college I have done the first step in achieving my lifetime goal. After earning the masters degree I must prove to hospitals that by choosing me for the job is the right thing to do. After sending out many resumes and getting denied my many hospitals, I then came into the Memorial Herman Hospital. As I was about to take elevator and getting prepared for my interview, I saw a lady who had trouble breathing.

At this moment, I quickly dropped my suitcase and checked for her pulse. After a minute, the lady stopped breathing. Being a doctor that I was, I quickly gave her CPR. After one set of CPR the lady started breathing again and I knew that she was going to survive. I slowly then picked her up and asked her, "Is there anything wrong with you MA'AM?" When suddenly the person who was going to interview me came down the elevator and he asked me what had just happened. I then told him the entire story and he was amazed and he offered me a job in the Memorial Herman Hospital.

By getting employed in the hospital as a surgeon I have achieve my goal. After working there for nearly 5 years, I decided to open up my own hospital. One year later I had opened up a hospital and working there. I have saved many lives and made families very happy.

What I achieved today was all the hard work that I did back in high school and college. I am now forty-five years old still working in my hospital, and living in Houston. I have married a beautiful wife and have two children who have an American Dream that I once had.