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One bright sunny and joyful day. Dwayne, a little toddler of 3 and ¾ was playing happily with his toys on the long bright green grass with the sun blaring down.

When Dwayne hade been playing for about one and a half hours, something happened that would certainly change the next week but maybe even the rest of his life, something that he didn't like.

He tripped and when he came to his scene he saw a red pool emerging from his right hand, Joe, Dwayne's dad came tearing out the door like superman flying through space as soon as he heard the cries of the dreadful pain.

Joe literally threw Dwayne into the car as Joe hit the execrator as hard as he could.

When they got the hospital the doctor looked at Dwayne's Hand for sometime while moping up the blood.

Then he got taken into this room with a big machine and they put his hand init, after all this happened his mum and dad told him that it was an X-Ray machine.

The doctor said that he couldn't fine anything so Dwayne and Joe thought it was okay, about a week after Dwayne could still feel something hard in his hand that hurted, Joe thought that he would poke around in Dwayne's hand so he went into the bathroom and found some tweezers from the cabernet and started poking around, Dwayne just closed his eyes and tried to block out the pain, when Dwayne next open his eyes he saw Joe holding a big piece of glass in the twersers that Joe was using to poke around, Dwayne nearly fainted after seeing that piece of glass covered in blood. Dwayne's mum was shocked at how big the piece of glass was so she decided to keep it.