A Third Journal written as if you were a serf or farmer back in Medieval Times

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Dec 24, 1341

I finally finished putting all my crops together in one pile and it fills up almost the whole barn. The King is pleased with this but now he demands more than he promised me of the crops. He now wants more than half of all the crops I harvested this year! Just because I finally got myself a small surplus he now wants me to get back in the negatives so he can have an even easier life. He already has 100's and 100's of gold and silver coins so why does he want so much from a poor little farmer like me?

The King is greedy and he only cares about himself. If he can impress the other knights, kings, and princes from other castles and other countries by putting on twice as much food as he normally has he would rather do that than be a great lord to the people and let them have what they deserve for all the hard work they do to keep everything going.

Maybe I should go on strike and see if my fellow farmers Antony and Markus will too. Maybe we could even start rebellion if we gathered enough people but what would this do to the place. It would probably make the knights whip me and my fellow farmers and I surely don't want that.

So what do I do! I guess a poor little farmer can't do much against a great king except go on strike and be whipped till you go back to work. If you then go back to work when you've been whipped for 12 hours straight, you can't work and everything is just crushed for you. I hope ill think up something soon because I don't like thinking about me continuing...