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This character is one of the negative ones in this book. He is cruel and selfish. I think that by "painting" Tom, the author, Charles Dickens, shows the impact of factual childhood, the result of this type of raising children. I hope you understood me.

When I started reading this book I thought that it was uninteresting. Then I recalled that this happens every time. Every book I read seems to be uninteresting at the beginning. However, this time I was right. It was pretty boring. I could not get the jest of it and didn't really get the idea. The only thing, the only character I can write about, talk about and debate about is Tom. Yesterday when I had the presentation I was talking nonsense, but know I will "re-establish" my idea and thoughts in this essay.

In my first response journal I discussed two facets of Tom Gradgrinds personality.

I based that discussion on the relationship between Tom and his sister Louisa. One facet was that Tom loves his sister and the other was that maybe he loves, but still he is selfish and uses her. Then I read next chapters and my mind changed. Is stopped on one idea and one position. This was that Tom is a selfish, cruel person who uses everyone, even his own sister and cares only about himself. Well as I noticed the only cruel act Tom did, was when he asked Old Stephen Blackpool to wonder around the bank for three days. As we all can understand this favor was just a maneuver, a trick that was made to distract people's attention and with this to help Thomas robed the bank. I mean that at first everyone thought that the criminal was Stephen; however "the lie has short legs"ļ.