Thoughts on the famous Mclaren F1, give detailed information, and personal thoughts about the greatest car in the world

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McLaren F1

The McLaren has proved itself to be one of the greatest cars ever made. It has impressed all who have seen it with its sleek and powerful design. The car set new standards for racers and the road Cars, throughout the world. With a flawless design and lightweight materials, the McLaren Cars have shattered time trial records on and off of the race track. Although the F1 won many of its races, its career unfortunately came to a sudden end. Collectors around the world are interested in investing in these former champions. Amazing speeds and superb handling have propelled this super car into history.

Although looking bulky in size, the McLaren revolutionized modern European racers, by using a light, strong, fiberglass body. With a hefty V12 engine running the lightweight car, the McLaren quickly took 1st place throughout its short racing career. Within its massive engine, oversized pistons create tremendous power.

Well designed cars still have limits; less than 100 vehicles had been produced since 1992. Every car sold for well over 1 million dollars.

The McLaren F1 GTR's critics predicted it never to win, or even race at all. Seven McLaren Race cars assaulted the Le Mans 24 hour race, five of the seven cars finished within the top fifteen. With this win the rules in circuit racing changed dramatically, a horsepower limit was soon added to the rules. Due to the new rules changes had to occur on all parts of the car. As of 1998, McLaren international stopped producing all McLaren models.

The McLaren set multiple records throughout its short racing career. The F1 dominated all other road cars by setting the Top speed (for a Production car) at 240 Miles per hour. After proving its amazing speed, the McLaren set the zero to...