Three Gorges Dam

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Ali Ahmed


   China has been responsible for the creation of many impressive inventions and structures in its history; the Great Wall being one of them. Now China is bringing forward the biggest and the largest hydropower station and dam ever to be built in history. With dimensions as high as 185 m (606 ft) and wide as 1,983 m (6,500 ft) with an associated $25 billion cost, it is estimated to generate around 18,200 MW of power. The construction of the dam is expected to finish by the year 2009. However, if the construction continues, it could have a major ecological effect in its vicinity. The river serves as breeding grounds for many aquatic specimens and those species are likely to succumb to extinction. The construction of dam will also displace many of the local citizens who have lived on the land for many generations and violate human rights in the process.
In addition, the dam will destroy a perfect scenic tourist attraction causing China's government to lose a great amount of money from tourism as opposed to the fewer tourists coming to see the dam. Thus, it is only logical to halt and shut down the construction of the dam seeing as it's likely to do more harm than good.
   Before looking at the negative effects of the dam, it's important to analyze the history of the dam to gain a common understanding. The idea of a Yangtze dam originated from a wise man named Sun Yatsen and was the first to suggest the idea in 1919. Sun Yatsen wrote about the benefits of the dam and thus, the construction of the dam went underway in 1930. In 1932 however, the government became corrupt and chose to halt the project. A decade later, the dam was...