Through out my life, I have made many mistakes. I

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Through out my life, I have made many mistakes. I generally tend to think through what I am planning to do, so that I will not regret my actions later. I was recently reflecting about my past, trying to remember mistakes that I regretted and vowed to never repeat again. I came to the conclusion that my biggest mistake was not trying hard enough in school. My biggest regret was the fact that I wasted so much time when I was in high school, and never put forth an effort to succeed.

I attended High School for four years, and for much of that time, I never tried to do well in any of my classes. I would just go to school because I had to, not because I wanted to. My parents would tell me to try harder in class. They would say that I needed a good education in order to be successful in life.

My dad would set himself as an example for me. Since he did not finish school, he does not have much of a choice in what he wants to do. He would tell me that my only responsibility at that point in my life was school. I did not have to work because going to school and getting good grades was my job.

This mistake did not start at high school. I started to get lazy since fifth grade. I did not really study. Whenever I had book reports to do, I would ask my older sister to see if she had read the book already. If she had, I would ask her all the questions and I would not read the book. If I had to choose a book, I would look for one with big writing, pictures and the shortest...