Tim Burton, the writer and Director.

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Poetic Essay:

Tim Burton

What is a nightmare? The answer is sure to be found in the body and mind of an

experienced director and an inspiring poet. This director and poet's name is Tim

Burton. Tim Burton is a man who takes children's nightmares, producing them into

movies or writing them into poems.

He began his life in Burbank California, a small suburban town on the 25th of

August 1958. Tim was very shy growing up. He had a huge passion for movies; his

favorite was type was Monsters and Horror. His role model growing up was Vincent

Price, an actor. He soon received a scholarship to the California state

Institute of Arts. After college he began animating for Walt Disney. His first

movie was the "Fox and The Hound." The directors of Disney finally gained

attention on Burton's rare and unique drawing style.

Before long he created his first animation short of his own, "Vincent."

He was

then able to make a five-minute short film. This may seen like a small

accomplishment but he soon got his 25 minute film, "Frankenweenie" granted.

Tim's first movie was "Pee Wee's Big Adventure," staring Pee Wee Herman. He then

late went on to direct the blockbuster film "Batman." After Batman he created

the animated masterpiece, "The Nightmare Before Christmas." His most recent

movie to date is "Planet of The Apes."

Most people who wrote or write biographies on Tim Burton focus on his movies

alone. I'm going to reveal the poet hiding in the back behind these movies. At a

quick glance through his book, "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy," you will

see two more obvious things; one, this book is not meant for children, and Two,

Burton is one sick twisted individual (but these things you probably...