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Title: Time to Kill Author: John Grisham Pages: 208 Section 1- This story was about a 10 year old black girl named Tonga Hailey. Tonga got raped one day while coming home from the store. She got raped by these two white guys named Billy Ray Lobb and Pete Williard. After about a day or two the two guys were found and brought to jail. When the two guys were brought to court Tonga's father shot the two guys to death. People all over the town were very terrified of the incident. Some people thought that Tonga's father had no right to kill the two men and there was other people who thought that Tonga's father had the right to kill them. It was his daughter that they raped. When this case goes to court for the second time every body hears about it. The whole United States hears about it.

So many people get involved Leonela Amparo 8-11 January, 2001 Essay #2 Should rap artists be able to have any kind of lyrics in their songs? I don't even think that should even be considered a question. I think that every single rap artist or any type a singer should be able to say what they have to say in a song.

People all around us (especially adults) think that rap artists should keep their lyrics to a limit. That means no profanity and things that are not appropriate. If we didn't have any profanity and things that are not appropriate in rap there wouldn't even be a type of music called rap. That's what always brings rap to the top of the charts.

Adults always say that what is in rap is not appropriate for children and that it is also a bad influence. What I think is...