Time Management

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What is time management? Time management is the way you regulate or schedule your time. The key to successful time management id allowing enough time to complete your work while still finding time to complete all of your other responsibilities. The first step in learning better time management is to evaluate how you actually use your time now. Keeping a diary allows them to see how much or how little time you are really spending. Keep a time diary write down how you spent each our of the day being as specific as possible. Learning how to manage your time effectively also depends on how well you can adhere to a schedule.

Identifying how much time you have available for study is the next step in setting up a god time plan. This involves looking at how much of your time is committed to other activities and also how much time you, as and individual, need to complete your work.

Knowing how much time you have available for study is useless until you identify how much time you need for study. Use time between classes, you can accomplish a lot by using the hours that you have between classes. Instead of going back to your room and sleeping and watching television use that time wisely and open a book and study or type one of your papers. Choose one of your long-range assignments for the semester and list the sops you will have to accomplish to complete the following assignment.

In this following chapter Time Management I pretty much agree with everything that they said and suggested except for one little point. In the chapter were it said that you need to study a lot because you don't know how long you have to study for. Personally in my opinion...