Titian, One of the greatest Artists of the High Renesance.

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Titian was a great Renaissance artist who had is own unique style of painting, by using usually only the colors of red and white. This made him quest for a perfect red, that would bring out life in his paintings. He did do portraits of famous people, but his love of painting centered in the region of Greek Mythology (mainly the beautiful goddess Venus) and his deep belief in the Christian Faith. The paintings were magnificent on the detail brought in to making a certain thing stand out in the spotlight, even though only two colors were used.

One of Titian's many paintings that portray most of these aspects was The Rape of Europe. This painting was based on the Greek Myth about the God Zeus trying to seduce the ever beautiful goddess Europe. Although Zeus was kind of all gods, Europe still wouldn't agree to lay down with him, so Zeus changed himself into a bull.

While Europe was walking around, Zeus asked her if she wanted a ride home on his back, and she was very obliged. Somewhere along the way Zeus changed back into his human form and raped Europe. The painting seems to be the scene before Zeus actually performs the deed of rape and is knocking Europe off his back. Even though only two colors were used, Titian was able to center the person's attention on the goddess Europe by making it seem a spotlight was on her.

The second part of the Titian representation displayed more of his outstanding paintings, all having to do with Christ and the portraits of wealthy people. The one that was most interesting was The Cardinal Benba, in which Titian finally found the "perfect red" he was looking for all of his life. The Cardinal came to Titian in...