The title of my essay is Proactive American Foreign Policy.

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George F. Kennan once said, "A political society does not live to conduct foreign policy; it would be more correct to say that it conducts foreign policy in order to live". One believes that America should have the aims to proactively pursue the goal of helping to create an atmosphere of security, stability, prosperity, friendship, and cooperation among all countries in the world. One believes that the type of foreign policy the U.S. should pursue is proactive, because engaging proactively in world peacemaking would prevent conflicts in the future, the current terribly flawed logic of pursuing a policy of preemptive strikes against our adversaries is a path fraught with peril, and their is historical evidence to back-up a proactive foreign policy.

A proactive foreign policy would let us take action to make peace a reality in areas around the world, particularly looking for ways to build sustainable roots for peace in conflictive areas.

In order to prevent the need for military strikes in future crises, we need to first deploy a wide range of American "peacemakers" in order to strike against poverty, unjust rule, human rights violations and despair. In addition, it would allow America to gain a level of prestige unprecedented in both American and world history as being a leader of peace and cooperation in a land possessed of war and mistrust. Finally, it would steer America to incorporate itself into a multilateral system that would have far reaching benefits especially with how the United States deals with other countries and how countries deal with the United States on trade, international law, and security.

Already the true believers in the Bush Administration are talking about ways to use the Iraq war to further their campaign to intimidate and coerce others in their growing "axis of evil." However, actions...