Titled: Womens Equality Womens equaity in relation to social issues from the past. The assignement was to relate womens equality and the struggle for women in history to get it.

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Women's Equality

Every American's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness explains the American Vision of Equality. Every American deserves the right to political, social, economical, and spiritual equality. The freedom of life gives the American people the equality of inequality. All Americans have the choice of making their lives as good or as bad as they want. Because of that right people can to choose to make our existence on earth whatever we want. Liberty gives us the equality of opportunity; as Americans we have the opportunity to make what we want of ourselves. In America, all people have the equal opportunity to succeed or fail based on their freedom of choice. If one wants to sit behind a counter at McDonalds taking orders, then one has the right to do so. But if we want to change our position in life then our right to liberty gives us the chance to go out and get a better paying job.

All Americans have the right to pursue happiness, but they do not have the right to happiness. All Americans have the right to do what ever they want if they think it will make them happy, but they do not have the right to do things that will break any established laws in the process. For example, if we want to worship the devil, then we have the constitution right to do so, but if we perform a human sacrifice then we take away someone else's right to happiness. The right to pursue happiness is given to the American people as political, economical, social and spiritual freedoms. The inequality of result ties all of these freedoms together. All people have the power to make decisions as an individual and these decisions will measure their merit. This equality...