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Approximately one half of the world population uses tobacco. Smoking

cigarettes is a common social habit. Most people smoke in the US. It is known

that tobacco is dangerous to our health and is the main cause for cancer. Many

people ignore this fact for the joy of smoking. What are the pro and contra

reasons for smoking, how did it actually got it's way to our society.

The origin of tobacco was found in the Western Hemisphere. The Indians

of Mexico and Peru used it for medicinal purpose, and to satisfy pain during a

time of famine. Columbus introduced tobacco in Europe. It became widely used

and accepted by Europe Countries. Europeans planted tobacco and it grew as a

popular cash crop, and spread to Asia. Smoking cigarettes denoted modern

liberation slogans for women during the first part of the 20th century

In 1960's medical research introduced the adverse health effects of tobacco.

Since the 1970's mostly 17-19 year olds were smoking. At that time

smokeless/free products were published as a safer alternative as opposed to


Smoking tobacco serves both as a stimulant and depressant. When

inhaled through the lungs, it can effect the central nervous system, which can

cause shaking with high doses. Tobacco increases the heart rate 10-20 beats

per minute and blood pressure. It can also increase sweating, nausea and,

diarrhea. It tends to enhance platelet aggregations, which may lead to throbotic

events (blood clots) Tobacco is an addictive drug comparable to alcohol,

cocaine, morphine.The main reasons for smoking cigarettes are the stimulating memory and

alterness. Enhances skills that require speed, reaction time, and work

performance. It tends to reduce boredom and stress, plus aggressive response

to stress. Also it works as an appetite suppressant, specifically decreasing the

appetite for sweets. To much...