The Top Ten Most Influential People in US History

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USHistoryAndrew Jackson Without a doubt, Andrew Jackson was the most influential person in United States history. He accomplished many things: from his heroism in the battlefield, to his amazing politics in the White House. Andrew Jackson surely changed the way of politics in many ways. The most prominent way that Jackson changed politics was through the "Spoils System", where campaign workers and supporters would gain public office; a reward for their hard work and support. Andrew Jackson completely changed the view of politics and helped the American economy so much that he produced "The Age of Jackson" and the "Jacksonians", two very influential proponents of American life.

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767. He fought in the Revolutionary War and in 1781 and was taken prisoner by the British army. At the latter half of the war, Jackson was released as a prisoner. Andrew Jackson's experiences in the Revolutionary War left him with a life-long hatred towards the British.

He was orphaned by age 14, and had a very wild and reckless childhood as a result of his horrible experiences. Jackson moved to Tennessee and became a lawyer and plantation owner. His short temper got him into many brawls and duels, because of this anger. Bullets in his body from duels even gave him joint pain. Jackson's humble background and reputation for toughness gained him the support of the American people. Jackson is an American hero and soldiered through the tough times and injures he developed. Andrew Jackson fought in the War of 1812 and was most prominent for his famous battle: the battle of New Orleans as a war hero. Andrew Jackson was nicknamed "Old Hickory," after one of the toughest of American wood, as he was a very strong and determined man, with unmistaken courage. A natural leader,