Topic=Journey (SPEECH) - 'the road not taken' by R. Frost and 'the storm is over' by R. Kelly analysed aswell as compared and contrasted in relation to journey.

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"Two roads diverged into a yellow wood." Many easily recognize this famous line by Robert Frost as a symbol of journey. "Sometimes when I'm standin' It seems like I walked for miles." Not so easily recognized but just as meaningful, this verse by R. Kelly from the song 'The Storm is Over Now' also represents journey.

According to the Colliers Dictionary, journey is defined as a distance traveled or that can be traveled. However, this is only the logical meaning of the term. Metaphorically, journey can be many things such as a decision or choice, an emotional experience or hurdle that has been overcome, triumphed or completed.

In 'The Road Not Taken' Frost writes of an individual trying to decide which path they should take in their present moment of life. What the being is choosing between has not been clearly defined, nevertheless, lines such as 'sorry I could not travel both' and 'Yet knowing how way leads onto way, I doubted if I should ever come back' suggest that the choice they are about to make will affect their life journey in a most important way.

We are told that the character looks down both paths in an attempt to distinguish which one may bring the most successes and fulfillment, but as it is written, "Both that morning equally lay"

In 'The Storm is Over Now' R. Kelly sings the story of man who was lost in a low point of his life and couldn't find his way forward. The low and troublesome times are referred to as the storm. "But then I climbed the hills and saw the mountains, I hollered help 'cause I was lost." This reveals to us that you can loose your way & may need to ask for help to...