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As an employee, the information that is available is sometimes limited. However, it can be seen through the internal environment, as well as through the available information that there are several strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the company. Through these various factors, one can see what the company can do as well as what the opportunities will be for the employees that are working in the area. The employer that was looked into was WeStat, a nationally based research company with several data entry and research locations.

The first assessment of WeStat is the strengths that are in the company. As an employee, it can be seen that the main strengths for employment rely on flexibility. As a staff member, one can decide on the hours that they wish to come in. There is the ability to change schedules as well as use an automated system in order to shift schedules.

For those that are effective in their research, they are able to gain more benefits from individual pay checks, as well as be given other opportunities to conduct more research and data entry in the field.

The strengths that are seen from the employer are based on the organizational factors that are linked to the research. The training that takes place for all employees is one that allows for extra organization to occur. Beyond this, there is the ability for the strengths to be seen by the clarity of the research that is done. Before the research reaches the employees, it goes through several testing levels in order to find the right wording as well as the organization that is most effective for conducting all levels of research. By the end of the study, it can easily be seen that finding the results of...