Tote bags vs Plastic bags

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Tote bags Vs Plastic bags

Both tote bags and plastic bags are used in our everyday lives for many different purposes such as; tote bags are used for shopping and carrying heavy items and plastic bags are used for a huge variety of household purposes. Although they are used for some similar purposes they are very different from each other in ways such as the materials that are used to make these bags, the recyclable nature and the environmental effects caused by the bag. This discussion will explore the similarities and the differences between these two bags.

Tote bags are open bags with straps attached in the middle. The most common type of tote bag is a canvas tote bag. They are normally made out of canvas or jute. Tote bags are very durable and long lasting whereas plastic bags are not. Plastic bags are thin open bags with handles attached on the side.

They are most commonly made out of high density polyethylene or low density polyethylene depending on what type of bag it is. Plastic bags are not very strong and they will tend to brake if stretched.

The properties of the materials that tote bags are made of are (canvas and jute) that it is strong, quick drying, resistant to shrinking, mould resistant and lastly it is lightweight. The properties of the materials that a plastic bag is made of( polyethylene) are that it is water proof, non-toxic to the items inside the bag, resistance to microbial growth and mould and it is incredibly light weight.

There are many ways in which plastic bags can useful, such as they can be used as trash can liners, to pick up dog poop in a park, to store wet clothes/towels, as gloves, store dirty clothes in, as freezer bags,