Traditional and Nontraditional Culture: Inuit and Russia

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AbstractTraditional and nontraditional cultures vary among beliefs, values, and behaviors. Based on what resources the people within the culture have available to them often impacts their lives. Because the Inuit people choose to live solely off the land and leave no piece of material for waste they have become extremely resourceful and can find a use for nearly anything in their natural environment. The Inuit's focus is on family and communal well being. With the development of industry in Russia the Russian culture has developed into one that is more focused on the self and the immediate family. Looking to find things that are convenient and make life a little easier has become a way of life. People no longer hunt for food, nor share amongst the community what ever they do have. This is mainly because communism and communal living was forced upon the people of Russia for so long that many are now focusing on their individual family.

The two cultures view the world differently and have been influenced by very different forces. The Inuit's have always stayed true to their roots and not allowing outsiders in has kept that bond strong. While Russia has battled with government change and completely different way of life has emerged.

Traditional and Nontraditional Culture: Inuit and RussiaTraditional and nontraditional cultures vary in many ways. Comparing the Inuit culture with the Russian culture highlights many differences. Such as the Inuit's reliance and respect for the environment and using the bounties of the earth for survival. Depending on little prefabricated materials unlike the Russians who appreciate and take advantage of the more industrialized nation in which they live. Although many differences are shown, similarities also exist. The values, beliefs, and behaviors of the Russian culture and the Inuit culture describe how traditional and...