"The Tragedy of Othello"

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In the play "The tragedy of Othello," written by William Shakespeare, it can be seen that several of the main characters involved are subjected to the trials and tribulations in the spectrum of emotions experienced by human beings. The overall theme is a brilliant yet down to earth portrayal of frailties and strengths in the human condition--a condition that runs the gamut from a desire to be loved, a hunger for acceptance, weakness through betrayal, the bitterness that results, and a longing for forgiveness that supercedes any other emotive pleas or events throughout the whole play and in the movie by Castle Rock Entertainment; on the play as well. These emotions and traits may seem uncomplicated to the average reader, but what seems simple and obvious to some, really isn't. There are many wide-ranging and diverse opinions from literary critics on several characters in this play. The characters include: Othello--Moorish General, Desdemona--Othello's wife, Iago--Othello's secret foe, Emilia--Iago's wife, Cassio--supposed lover of Desdemona and under Othello's command, and Roderigo--Desdemona's secret admirer.

The differing viewpoints, expressed by literary critics, about the main characters, don't end with just written versions of the play, but shows up in the video as well. For instance, there is a difference between what the reader imagines about the play in a book, and what the director of a movie about the play might project onto the screen

The movie "Othello" also portrays the strengths and weaknesses experienced by the main characters, but in today's society where nothing is quite as real as what is seen on the television, the play comes to life on screen even more so than in the book. For instance, when reading the play, Iago and Roderigo seem almost as if they are in collusion with one another. Instead, the...