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Supplemental Essay The idea of transferring first entered my mind in October while I was visiting a friend who is a freshman at BC. Just through talking with him and meeting several of his hall mates, I disc‏overed something about the school that I did not find at Duke. It was around this time that I had begun to see the incredible divisions that Greek life can create in the student body, and it was apparent that at BC there were no such divisions. Friends you made there weren?t determined by which Greek letters someone sported on their hat or shirt, and friends that you made would not be lost months later because you joined different Greek organizations. This breakthrough is what first fostered thoughts of transferring in my mind.

As time passed, the notion of transferring intensified. I began to take note of more things about my school that I knew did not suit me best.

Issues such as the unavailability of and insufficient assortment of classes, the extreme inconvenience of being hundreds of miles from home and my friends and family, the boring and one-dimensional characteristics of daily life on campus, and the lack of student unity and school pride were all things that I knew I did not want in a university. I began to realize that Duke was definitely not the school for me.

The first school that entered my mind as a transfer possibility was Boston College. Each time I visited my friend my certainty that Boston College was the place for me grew stronger. I concluded that all the things I thought I wanted when I first applied for college last Spring: such as a school far from home, a school that was independent of any major city, a small school, a school that had Greek life; were all the things that made college unpleasant for me. These are all things that I know Boston College is not. It is close enough to home to make the occasional weekend away possible, just minutes from Boston and the countless attractions it holds, it has the student unity of a school not divided by Greek life, it is large enough to provide me with any course offering I could think of, and most importantly is academically challenging and rewarding. All of these factors make it undeniably obvious that Boston College is the place for me.