Transportation Revolution of the 1900's

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The definition of an automobile is a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor. Some types of automobiles include cars, buses, trucks, jeeps, and vans. The definition of an airplane is any of various winged vehicles capable of flight, generally heavier than air and driven by jet engines or propellers.

During the 1900's things changed drastically. More and more things became available to the working class for an affordable price. First the automobile was made available and affordable for the working class with the creation of the Model T. The Wright Brothers then changed the way long distances were traveled with the first successful air flight.

In the 1880's the internal combustion engine was used in two major inventions. The first one was on the ground. Not one man is recognized with the invention of automobiles, because it was a joint effort by American, English, French and German inventors.

Some say that Daimler and Benz should be credited with building the first car in 1886. But at the time there was a huge group of engineers and mechanics trying to be the one to create the first automobile. Regardless of who created it, it started out as a toy for the wealthy to show off.

At first, the car was too expensive, slow, and unreliable for it to make a much of an impact. But the technology of the automobile improved very quickly in the first decade. Henry Ford was the most responsible for the craze over automobiles. He organized the Ford Motor Company in 1903. Ford then introduced the Model T in 1907 for just $300. The car came only in black.

As the demand for cars became greater, things had to change in order to accommodate the ever changing America. The first thing that changed was the...