Treasure Island

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I read the book Treasure Island written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Jim Hawkins was the main character that I chose to do this paper on. In the book, he had no real big, life-altering changes take place. The only small change that I could find was that he became more of a "man" as our society might say. In the book, he witnessed several people get murdered and in the beginning, his dad died. Also, Captain Flint died right in front of him. He was involved in a little skirmish with some of the pirates and in the process of taking over the Hispaniola, he was forced to kill Israel Hands because he was trying to kill him.

Another event that caused this change in his life was that Jim sees the true human nature of some extremely hardened pirates. He realizes how evil some people can be and are.

For example, Long John Silver seemed extremely kind and friendly until Jim hears his true plans for killing everyone and stealing the treasure for himself. Jim learns that people are not always what they seem. Jim also sees that men will betray like when Silverr was going to get the treasure that Ben Gunn had already found, Jim saw how he looked at him and if the treasure was there, Silver would have taken it and gotten away in the ship.

Jim was a very brave boy and he was not afraid of dying and I think that that merits him becoming a man.