Treating Glass Waste

Essay by kanonefodder November 2008

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Actually what is a solid waste? As you can see that solid waste is the type of trash or garbage that we've often throw in the street recklessly. A solid waste also can be defined as any discarded materials or undesired things which are being abandoned by people. It is usually can be in a form of bottle glass, plastic bags, paper, can, and many other kinds of it. This things call waste is happening because of our own irresponsibility daily actions that we often do today like simply not throwing rubbish in the place it should be in. As a result, these solid materials that we throw from day to day is gather and piled up together in one place, creating this one massive polluted, messy areas surrounding it which we called waste or garbage. And know as a consequence of our own daily actions, this small problem of solid waste being thrown everywhere has made a huge problem to our beloved environment ecosystem.

These solid wastes we've thrown in could create such a serious impact to our environment which could lead to a flooding problem, street blockade and off course an unhealthy dirty environment. It's just like one of the major problem here we've seen in Surabaya which is flood, we can't blame the environment for this disaster because mostly this flood happened because of our own human fault. It comes from our own rubbish that we threw in the sewer which as a result wills blockades the stream of the water that runs through it. And not just only that, don't you know that the plastic bags and bottle drinks produced by most food products you've thrown in are also a serious threat to our environment and natural resources. Not only do they spoil our...