Treaty of Versailles

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The unworkable terms of the Treaty of Versailles thats goal was to stop any possible future German Aggression.

The Treaty of Versailles was a great accomplishment, as it ended five years of world war, but it fell very short of what it had been written to do. It was badly constructed and did not address many of the problems that had plagued Europe before the war. It was said to be the treaty that would bring peace forever, but it fell quite short of that lofty goal, restoring peace for only twenty years.

One of the most ridiculous provisions in the treaty was Article 231. This article stated that Germany was solely responsible for the war. This was and still is a historic part of the treaty. This had simply never been done before. There had never been an article in a treaty that had stated that a country was guilty of causing the war.

Treaties are not to be about blame, they are about mending fences and negotiating a sustainable peace. This article was not taken very well by the German people. Anyone that has studied the war, knows that Germany was in no way the sole nation responsible for World War One. In fact it can be argued that every nation, even the Allies, had a part in the start of the conflict. To state that Germany was the sole nation at fault was irresponsible, short sited and historically inaccurate.

This article was also used as fodder by the Nazi's in their future rise to power. The message of sole blame that the treaty clearly sent, was not received well by the German citizens. It was very difficult to understand that they had lost the war, when the German army still held most of Europe. This ill contempt...