The Treaty of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles

Emma Ward 9h

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace settlement and an agreement formulated after the end of the war. It was made in 1919 a year after the four year war had ended in 1918. The Treaty was created in the plaice of Versailles between German and the allied countries.

The Treaty was meant to stop Germany from declaring war again, or even being able to be seen as a threat against any other county. All the allied counties wanted to "make Germany pay", however they all had different ideas of how to do this. The Big Three, Britain, France and America, were the most powerful out of all the countries at the meetings, and had substantially suffered the most, especially France.

Lloyd George, Britain's Prime-Mister, image was clear. He was politician and politicians need the support of the public. George didn't want to be seen as "soft hearted", especially now that the public and British nationalists wanted revenge.

George, not wanting to be voted out of office, kept his image towards the "revenge on Germany" idea. However he was disinterested in looking for revenge, and feared the going communism in Russia, and was worried that it might spread to Western Europe. He thought that the Treaty with Germany may stop the communism from spreading over Russia's borders. Nevertheless he didn't want Germany to be let of lightly and also he feared going public with his views of spreading communism was "political suicide".

Georges Clemenceau of France, wanted simple revenge. France had suffered most of the war, as most of it had been fought on German ground. He had seen the destruction of North France and shared the same view as the French public; German should be "brought to its knees" so that...