Trench Warfare in WW1

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Trench Warfare

World War I brought with it a style of warfare so barbarous that it ultimately benefited no one, yet scarred those involved for life. This scarring is quite evident from accounts of those present during the war, when trenches were the supreme defense. Trench warfare had many deficiencies and it shows in that many soldiers never healed from the mental wounds inflicted by those dreaded sights. Many of the men felt it was their duty to exclaim to the public about the wrongs committed on that infamous Western Front. Exclaim they did, through the implementation of journals, the battle by battle accounts of the Great War that frightened and enlightened readers. There had never been such a vivid display of the injustices of those long years of conflict.

At the commencement of World War I, weapons came in a myriad of forms. The weapons ranged from the embarrassingly simple bayonet, a crude knife tethered to the end of a rifle, to the more complex and recent innovation of the flamethrower.

This grand war was bound to promote industrialization and did so, resulting in a mass-produced stockpile of arms. Perhaps the most treacherous aspect of World War I conflicts were the devastating gas attacks. An inhumane weapon had been recently deployed by both the Allies and Central Powers that employed the gaseous phases of certain substances in order to provide the victims with a variety of epidemics. While the use of chemical warfare was nothing new, having been adopted for the task of dispersing riots years before while in its most mundane style as a mild tear gas, the recently developed, further advanced gases were menaces to all within their accursed radius. The first use of these was early in the war and had been relatively harmless tear-gas...