Tribute Article: Johnny Depp (About why Mr. Depp is successful and how he inspires people.)

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Successful people can be everywhere. What defines success is discipline and the willingness to take risks. Everyone can come up with a good definition of success, but the action taken towards a goal is what really matters. Johnny Depp is a prime example of successful. Ever since Mr. Depp started to become a known actor in Hollywood, he did not go after the blockbuster movies that would establish him as immediately well-known and loved. He went for the offbeat roles, where he could showcase his creativity and grow as an artist.

I genuinely admire Johnny Depp for taking on roles such as Edward Scissorhands, Sam (of Benny and Joon) and one of his more recent characters, Jack Sparrow, a brave pirate with an audacious life. Quite often, we forget what actors really are. They are a type of artist. Their creativity is shown through movie and television roles. The more diversified an actor's portfolio, the more artistic and creative that actor is.

Mr. Depp obviously has a much diversified portfolio.

Aside from his acting career, Johnny Depp is a musician. He dreamt of making it big in music. However, he went into acting instead; but, never abandoned his hobby and creative drive for music. He has played in bands for many years and is currently a member of the band known as "P". This goes to show that Johnny doesn't give up on his goals even if they do not bring him fame and fortune. He follows his dreams for his own personal satisfaction.

Johnny Depp is an example among many others, of a creative person who is audacious, willing to take risks and grow as an artist. He inspires people to take more risks in life; to make time for hobbies, and do more adventurous things. And most...