Trouble Maker

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May 5, 2010


As a young child growing up thinking I didn't need anybody but myself. I wouldn't listen to anyone and I wouldn't even pay attention to my teacher. The only one I feared was my grandmother. I thought everyone in the world was against me and I was in it alone.

It all started in the fifth grade; I was the big bully of all. I was just rude to other students for reason at all. I would bump into one of the other students and dared the students to bump back into me. I thought I had nothing to lose until they sent me home to my grandmother and she meant business. That didn't stop me though I had a reputation to keep up so it went in a cycle; bullied, detention, and grandmother's punishment. I barely made it out of fifth grade and now on to the sixth grade.

While in the sixth grade I had this math teacher that just wouldn't let me have my way, so I made her my target. I would go in her class and sit in the front and would be the loudest student in class. When she started teaching I would interrupt her by holding a conversation with another student because I had made up mind that I was going to take control of the class and she didn't matter. That's when I got more detentions and my behavior problem got worse. At this point I wouldn't listen to nobody no matter what but one thing for show I wasn't going to let my bad behavior stop me from learning, so I started finishing my work then interrupting the class. At this point I was one of the worst students and by the end of the school term...