The truth about prince kellms von metternich.

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Prince Klemens Von Metternich was born in Koblenz, Germany on May 15, 1773. He was the son of Count Georg, the Austrian envoy of the Count of Vienna at Koblenz,- and Maria Beatrix, nee Countess Von Kageneck. The French revolutionary wars were going on at the time of his childhood. This affair forced Metternich and his family to disappear from Germany to Austria in 1794. Prince Klemens Von Metternich is known today for being a remarkable diplomat and also creating The German Federation under Austrian Leadership. Metternich's major impact on the world was that he helped to bring Germany together as one nation and not just a cluster of principalities.

He studied philosophy at the University of Strasburg, and law and diplomacy at Mainz. Metternich then journeyed to England where he Concluded his studies. Metternich began his public career in 1801 as Austrian ambassador to the Court of Dresden. Only to years later he was made ambassador of Berlin.

The emperor considered it very important to have a minister at Berlin who could gain the favor of the Court and the principal Prussian statesmen, and who knew how to combine "great powers of observation with a moderate and agreeable manner." Metternich had already proved that he possessed these qualities. Napoleon was then emperor with the new empire at the height of its power. The emperor Francis needed his ablest ambassador at Napoleon's Court, and May 1806, he sent Metternich to Paris. Metternich found himself in the difficult position of representing Austria in the face of the overwhelming threats and ambitious plans of Napoleon at the height of his power. He did so with dignity and firmness, as his report of his important audience with Napoleon on 15th of August in 1808. Unfortunately in the year of 1809, a war broke...