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ifeHistoryReligionArtsLanguageEducation HealthGovernmentClimateTradeResourcesAgricultureBibliographyAustriaAustria, a small country in Central Europe famous for its gorgeous mountain scenery. The towe ... ountry. Broad green valleys, lovely mirror lakes and thick forest cover a good portion of the land. Austria with no coastline shares its surrounded borders with Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the we ...

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This is a brief discription of the German Unification

its quest to become unified. Germany had problems though, France did not want the Germans to unify, Austria (a German state) wanted things to stay the same, and the northern states were Protestant and ... s were Protestant and looked up to Prussia while the southern states were Catholic and looked up to Austria. In 1861 William I took the throne in Prussia, he then appointed Otto von Bismark as the Cha ...

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How bad was Hitler?

On April 20th, 1889, a boy was born in Braunau, Austria. His name was Adolf Hitler (Housden, p.199). During World War II, he was the dictator of Ger ...

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"Beneath the Glamour" Vienna's History and City Structure

story of invasions and wars, but has now become a stable federal republic as well as the capital of Austria. Vienna was originally founded as a Bronze Age settlement in about 800 BC and was claimed by ... and was elected the office of the Holy Roman Empire. From 1740-1790, Empress Maria Theresa reformed Austria. She abolished torture, established religious tolerance, and placed immense value on element ...

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Analysis of Mein Kampf Volume 1 in Depth (Inside the mind of Hitler).

aking of nationalism from the very outset of his book, Mein Kampf. He begins by stating that German-Austria, at that time the new Austro State or just Austria, must be returned to the Reich. He states ... Reich. Later, when Hitler actually came to power, one of his first tasks as the Fuhrer was to annex Austria and thus bring into the Reich many ethnic Germans and so-called half-breed Germans as he him ...

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Biography of Hugo Wolf

Hugo Wolf was born in 1860 in the great country of Austria. Slovenia, his home town is where he found interest in music. As a young child, Wolf practic ... ors as Mrike and Goethe. Hugo Wolf lived to be forty-three and died on February 22, 1903 in Vienna, Austria. Many would say the reason for death was illness and depression which finally led to insanit ...

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A brief summary of the build up in WWI. Contains infomation on alliances.

ause they didn't want the other to invade. Then an assassination on Archduke Franz Ferdinand caused Austria to start war with Serbia. This meant that Russia was dragged in and so was Germany. Hearing ...

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By 1849 the supporters of the Risorgimento had achieved nothing towards creating a free, united and independent Italy. How far would you agree?

e Italian states that resulted, was widespread. French dominated republican states were replaced by Austrian dominated restored monarchies, with the exception of the Papal States, and much of the deve ... pressive foreign presence with another. The newly restored monarchies relied, for the most part, on Austrian troops to keep themselves in power. Due to the Austrian oppression most of the opposition ...

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Bismarck contribution to the unification of Germany

ng William IV, King of Prussia made an attempt to unify the northern states which included Prussia. Austria was strongly oppose to the unification movement because they would loose all power and they ... mpire on their own surrounded by larger and more powerful empires such Germany, France and Britain. Austria was willing to go to war with Prussia although King William IV decided it was not worth the ...

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All About German and Italian Unification

r worked to consolidate Sardenia as a liberal state capable of leading northern Italy." .Cavour saw Austria as a threat in unifying Italy and this is one point where both Cavour and Bismarck were on c ... rck were on common ground. Therefore, they strategically persuaded European powers to fight against Austria...Italy provoked Austria into war Cavour then used Garibaldi's popular appeal to his benefit ...

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1848 Revolutions Study Guide is a documents containing 7 pages of detailed, bibliographed information separated into categories.

sional government was formed. Every adult male could vote and every man had a right for a job. The Austrian Empire * News of French success reached the ears of angered Nationalists. Therefore, unres ... tionalists. Therefore, unrest started all over the empire. * Hungary revolted wanting freedom from Austrian rule. * Austrian armies are unable to deal with the threat and make first requests for Rus ...

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Absolutism in the Seventeenth Century

, wars still occurred, but on a much less intense level. All the ascendant states (France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, and England) central governments gained authority. In England, the central governme ...

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Biography of Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on 20th April 1889. He was born in "Braunau am Inn",Austria. Hitler tried to become an artist after high school, but was rejected byThe Fine Arts in Vie ... shed himself as a dictator. He sent troops into the demilitarized Rhineland. By1938 Hitler occupied Austria and the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia.Britain and France feared Germany so they made the Mun ...

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lish "Little Corporal" and the name stuck with him. In 1797 Napoleon negotiated a treaty with Austria called Campo Formio. Austria gave up its Netherlands and Lombardy to France. Austria also re ... y to France. Austria also recognized Rhine as the eastern boundary of France. In return France gave Austria most of the old Venetian Republic. Napoleon returned in 1799 to find that the Directory was ...

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y say different, but Bismarck, deciphered letters and telegrams, made treaties, made allies such as Austria, and stuck with them. He made treaties bend for the better of Germany. He also made treaties ... Germany was going to be based on conservative actions.Bismarck finally got his wish, because he got Austria and Prussia to combine armies to defeat the Danish. Then after that Bismarck had gotten a lo ...

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The Alpine Iceman

chance in September 1991 by a German couple hiking on Mount Similaun (in the Otztaler Alps), on the Austria-Italy border. The particularly hot summer that year had melted most of the snow, bringing to ... ized that the corpse was very old. After the first tests, Konrad Spindler, of Innsbruck University, Austria, made a surprising statement-that the mummified body found on Mount Similaun was some thousa ...

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Austria ottoman report

The Austrian Empire had long been declining. This was due to a number of reasons. Most important were th ... h were very unorganized, and still didn't have any rights. The principle political figure in Austria was Prince Klemens von Metternich. He worked to crush all revolutionaries. He failed, and a ... tternich. He worked to crush all revolutionaries. He failed, and a revolution still occurs in 1848. Austria would have disappeared except for the divisions in the revolutionary peoples. They each want ...

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Assassination at sarajevo

n June 28, 1914 Sarajevo-June28, 1914- Francis Ferdinand and Sofia Chotek are assassinated July 23- Austria sends ultimatum to Serbian leaders July 28-Austria declares war on Serbia August 1, 1914- Ge ... ter war October 12, 1914- Gavrilo Princip's trial Key Idnividuals/Roles: Francis Joseph- emperor of Austria-Hungary Francis Ferdinand -Archduke, heir to the thone; assassinated Sofia Chotek- Francis F ...

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Austria Once the center of power for the large Austro-Hungarian

Austria Once the center of power for the large Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria was reduced to a sma ... I. Following the capturing by Nazi Germany in 1938 and following job by the conquering associates, Austria's 1955 State Treaty declared the county "permanently Neutral" as a condition of Soviet milit ... Soviet military withdrawal. Neutrality has been called into question since the Soviet collapsed and Austria's increasing prominent role in European affairs. A wealthy country, Austria joined the Europ ...

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The Austrian Welfare State

THE AUSTRIAN WELFARE STATE �PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT�3� The Austrian Welfare Stateᦙ ... 65533;3� The Austrian Welfare State�AbstractThis paper gives a brief insight into the Austrian welfare state. Rooted in the late 19th century the Austrian welfare state developed various ... is paper also discusses the main arguments for and against a welfare state.Keywords: welfare state, Austria, aging society, future challenges�The Austrian Welfare StateAll over the world variou ...

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