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BISMARK: The Future of Negotiating The most important thing I think we learned this year was about Otto Von Bismarck. Bismarck had superb ambassador skills. He was an intelligent, and well planned and thought out foreign affairs. He had things perfectly, and knew what he wanted, and exactly how to get it. With out him, Germany would have never been united.

Bismarck, by himself, united Germany. Other people may say different, but Bismarck, deciphered letters and telegrams, made treaties, made allies such as Austria, and stuck with them. He made treaties bend for the better of Germany. He also made treaties with enemies of one another, but still pulled it off. He kept the Unification perpetually moving. Bismarck was a student of Society in University, and became interested early on in the unification of Prussia. Bismarck was interested in Power and action, rather than ideas. Bismarck set out to try and reestablish conservative orders in a newly united Germany, because the parliament was to liberal and would not finance the army.

So Germany was going to be based on conservative actions.

Bismarck finally got his wish, because he got Austria and Prussia to combine armies to defeat the Danish. Then after that Bismarck had gotten a lot of prestige. He had gotten treaties tangled again, and eventually pushed Austria and Prussia into war. Prussia had beat Austria in seven weeks, and they became the dominant German State. After the war all the Northern German states were annexed, because they supported Austria. So after being annexed, they were all under Prussian confederation. Then after the Franco-Prussian war, the Southern States of Germany were finally united. Germany was complete! This was important to me, because with out the unification, there would have been no world wars, there would have been no Hitler or Mussolini. Germany also created a stronger economy in Europe, and brought another great power to Europe. Without Germany, there would be a lot more fighting and struggle for dominance in the German States. Also Bismarck's strategies of diplomacy were excellent. They are used in many daily activities in the business world, which I hope to partake in very soon!