What Is A Ture American?

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In America there are millions in the population. Although only a few have the qualities of a true American. A true American has these 3 qualities: patriotism, hardwork, dedication.

First, every human born in America is an american by law. But a true american has patriotism for their country. Also, they believe in everything their nation stands for. Without patriotism their is no true american.

Second, an American is a hardworker. If one takes pride in what they make it shows his workmenship. Most americans do not just get what they want; they earn every dollar. In order to show that they are american families, they workhard and earn what they need and want.

Finally, all men and women whom are true americans must be dedicated. They must do what is needed for their country at any time. Also, they must never turn their backs on their nation.

Being dedicated is one of the qualities of a true american.

In our world today a true American is hard to find. Other than being a citizen their are other qualities we must have. Always remember how everyone not everyone is a true american. But with patriotism, hardwork, and dedication each one of us can come close.