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The aim of this report is to investigate altitudes towards. The reasons why good workplace relationships can help you do your job better.

This report is written for human resources department.


The influence of workplace relationship is very powerful. There are lots of theories about the effects of workplace relationship on doing job. Workplace relationship today is a force of influence not only directly but also indirectly. Many workplace relationships develop into positive and supportive friendships that make the workday enjoyable, creating a pleasant working environment. Pearson Linda (2011) point out that Maintaining good workplace relationship does much to increase a person's job performance, job satisfaction, chances for promotion, education opportunities and career success. Furthermore, Textor (2012) state that the benefit of a stable work life - as with a stable home life - is that workers play out their work lives and get to experience things.

However, there are stresses in everywhere, especially in the workplace. There is a saying is that pressure has power. 'When that pressure becomes excessive or otherwise unmanageable it leads to stress. Stress can damage an employees' health and the business performance' (Brun, 2011). It is fact that workplace relationships are a powerful influence on doing job.

This report consists of four sections. The introduction Section1 is followed by the method section, which describes how the research was conducted. The results of the research are presented in Section 3, Results and Discussion. The conclusion is a summary of the results which were found.


2.1 Secondary sources

Some newspapers and Internet from the last 2 years with data from recent research report on the reasons why good workplace relationships can help you do your job better. The information was found with the most common newspaper (The Age, The...