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The Two powers Each person is born with a tendency to rule ,and in order for people to achieve this purpose, they use different means of power. As a result , many methods of power have been developed; perhaps the two most common types of ruling are authoritarian and democratic . When we talk about ruling , we are referring to the act of governing. The difference between authoritarian and democratic power , is best illustrated in "The Lord of the Flies" , by William Golding. In this book , Ralph and jack struggle to carry these two different methods of ruling in their respective roles.Ralph and jack portrait the difference between authoritarian and democratic power with situations that compare in our world today.

One of the most influential means of government is Authoritarian means, unforcing unquestioning obedience to authority, as that of a dictator, rather than individual freedom of judgment and action" (COMPTOM'S ENCYCLOPEDIA).

Authoritarianism is any form of government in which relatively few people run the country and the rest of the population takes little or none in the decision making. in a authoritarian government the rulers make prohibit or manipulated elation's in a way that makes them win. This governments may not only restrict individual freedom , but also limit the power of those who represent the people . govermets such as , absolute monarchy , dictatorship, and totalitarianism are also under the same government. People that live under an authoritarian set of rules are many times treated with unjust and cruel power . Those who tried to go against the ideas of the government are punish , put in jail , and many times killed. As a result, in an authoritarian government all people must do what the ruler said even if...